Sororities Are Excluding Nonbinary Students

However, some houses — particularly less sought-after sororities or those on smaller, more liberal campuses — buck the stereotypes that suggest sororities are non-inclusive Animal Houses chock full of nepo-babies with acrylic nails. No, they don’t give everyone who rushes a bid, but they’re working to repudiate sororities’ history of exclusion — from entrenched racism to Mean Girls “you can’t sit with us” vibes — with a veneer of inclusivity. And some chapters even practice what they preach. They raise money for more liberal charities, accept a somewhat diverse range of members, and hang out with “GDIs” (“goddamn independents,” also knowns as “geeds,” who either didn’t rush or didn’t get in — this feels like a good time to mention I was a GDI at Drake myself, although I graduated in 2017, before Farmer or anyone else I interviewed arrived on campus). 

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