Dinhon Kids Learning Locks with Keys Numbers Matching & Counting Montessori Educational Toys for Ages 3 yrs+ Boys and Girls Preschool Games Gifts


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Product Description

Dinhon learning lockDinhon learning lock

Scene graph displayScene graph display

Unlocking displayUnlocking display Easy to unlock

The product has been upgraded and improved many times by many designers. The matching key can easily open the corresponding lock, and the key will not fall out of the lock by itself.

Creative preschool unlocking game

Fun educational toys for school-age children

The lock and key toy is a Montessori benefit-wise game that can stimulate children’s interest and potential in problem-solving, and at the same time cultivate and exercise children’s fine motor ability and concentration.

Digital lock front and back displayDigital lock front and back display

Number matching learning game

One side of the lock is a number, and the other side is a corresponding number of dots.

The lock can only be opened if the key that matches the lock is found.

Through the game of number matching, children’s math learning becomes more interesting.

This digital lock consists of 10 locks and 10 keys. The patterns and symbols on the lock and key are clues for children to find a matching relationship. Children can start a lock-opening game at any time. Whoever can open the lock quickly will win.

Letter learning lockLetter learning lock

ABC locks and keys toy

The 26 locks have a pattern on one side, 26 uppercase letters on the other, 26 lowercase letters on the 26 keys

This is an alphabet learning locks specially designed for children to recognize and learn letters. The pattern is vivid and clear. The key corresponding to the lowercase letter can open the lock of the corresponding uppercase letter. Let children quickly find the similarities and differences between the 26 uppercase and lowercase letters, and deepen their learning and memory.

These beautiful locks and keys can stimulate children’s curiosity. During the unlocking process, children will explore numbers, colors, improve hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and expand their classification reasoning and learning abilities.

The smooth edge design has no rough edges or burrs and the material is safe and tasteless, so it is safe enough for children. In addition to being used as children’s toys, it can also be used as decorations for homes, nurseries and offices.

Therefore, he is an ideal gift for family and friends on holidays and anniversaries.

Family or party games

come and see!A simple and challenging family game began, and the son and daughter played an unlocking game.

Mix twenty-six closed locks and 26 keys together and put them on the table.Son and daughter can compare who can insert the correct key in the lock and open the lock in the shortest time.The game has started, and the daughter will try first. She picked up the key and said b. She started looking for the lock with the letter b written on it, and two minutes later, she finally found difficulty.She was smiling when she unlocked the inserted key lock. This is the joy of success, but the game is not over yet, she has to continue. She found that matching keys opened more and more locks. When the last lock was opened, she jumped up excitedly.

At the end of the timer, the daughter spent 12 minutes and 28 seconds.

The daughter’s game was over, and the mother closed the lock again and broke the lock and key together.Now is the time for the son to play. The son has obviously summed up his daughter’s gaming experience.He first sorted the locks and keys into different positions, and then wrote letters on all the locks and keys on the table.In this way, he can quickly find a lock that matches his key. Obviously he is calm and more efficient. The son spent 8 minutes and 58 seconds.

When the son won the game, the daughter did not look so happy.

At this moment, Mom picked up the key, pointed to the letter on the key, and asked what it was? The daughter quickly replied: b, is the letter b, I know, it kept me looking for a long time.

My mother stroked her daughter’s hair with a sigh of relief and said: My daughter is awesome. You have learned and got to know it in such a short time. Although it took longer than my brother, but you know and remember this letter, this is more to celebrate.

Novel digital learning toys: Different from traditional digital learning toys, this digital lock toy allows children to complete the cognition and learning of numbers in a brand-new way by finding the matching key to successfully unlock the lock.
Kindergarten classrooms must have learning resources: Every lock has a matching key, and the lock and key have corresponding numbers and points. This digital unlocking game can stimulate children’s sense of challenge and develop their hands-on skills, promote toughness and perseverance, and enhance fine motor skills, color perception and classification capabilities.
The perfect family game: when children are playing alone, this is a good toy that can improve their patience and develop independent thinking and learning abilities. When children and parents concentrate on the game, it becomes an excellent interactive game that promotes the connection between them. In addition, this delightful unlocking toy can be used as a security tool for children’s personal belongings.
montessori toys for 3+ year old: The digital learning lock game material is safe, non-toxic and well-made. The surface is smooth, the colors and patterns are very attractive to children, so as to better play the children’s playfulness.Learning materials for autism,preschool learning activities。
Ideal gift choice: Toys are a lot of fun and can keep your child indulged for hours! It is very suitable for all occasions: parties, birthdays, holidays, Christmas and more. It can play with multiple children, thereby increasing the interaction between them.After receiving the product, you can contact us by email if you have any questions, and we will let you have a satisfactory shopping experience.

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Dinhon Kids Learning Locks with Keys Numbers Matching & Counting Montessori Educational Toys for Ages 3 yrs+ Boys and Girls Preschool Games Gifts


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